joy joy joy

Today I went to see the Dr. and I had  serious Scanxiety this early morning and last night.  This past Friday, I had a CT scan of my chest and a do over brian MRI. I barely slept and my nerves were shaking. Thankfully Paul took the morning off so he could hold my hand and be there for me, as "result day" is usually the worst!

So- joy joy joy in my reports. Cancer in my liver, pancreas, kidneys and adrenal gland is gone. The lung tumor is still there, but sizably smaller. It does not look like a lemon anymore, def. lemonade : )   The Brain MRI shows an auto immune reaction to meds and they say I don't have cancer in my brain, just little dots from the meds or the dots were there before.

Very great news, we are super thrilled!

Next Plan of action. I have the two scans again in September and we will just keep watching to make sure my pills are still working.  I will eventually become immune to the pills, but we are hoping that happens after a few years. If anything does come back , they will switch my medication.  There are 4 right now that I can be on. With this rare form of cancer, I have to be on them forever. If I stop taking them, the cancer will come back. I am hopeful that once I get to the 4th medication there will be a 5th and 6th and maybe even a cure for it. I will keep staying positive, keep fighting, keep enjoying the special moments, and keep trying to help others that are in worse shape than me. 


carry on and live strong..

peace and love,