deeper words

Finding little bliss moments are usually with my family. The past few weeks I have been trying to find them in myself under the dark cloud that is over me. I have been trying to think Cancer is a gift. It makes me slow down and appreciate the things around me. But I have been looking further into myself now. Beyond- the things around me and a general feeling of being happy. I have been reading a lot lately, and sometimes I jot down words and sentences that move me and push me to change and be better.  So with that word better, I begin to jot down a few for you, in hopes that someone is looking to change a little.

• be better, not bitter

• be glad for your suffering, it will teach you patience and endurance

• be happy for long suffering

• Cancer does not care- go higher

•Visualize your story you want to be in- the way you want the rest of your life to be. ( I have been visualizing being at my children's weddings and holding my grandchildren)  

•this one is big for me-  I am not looking for blessings to come in my life. I'm looking to be a blessing in someones life. 


peace and love,