Late Spring Update 5-24-17

My last post was pretty depressing, but real. People ask me how I am doing and sometimes it can be hard to come up with sunshine and roses (peonies) all the time. So I really try to tell it like it is. 

Today my mood and outlook is better. I have more energy which really helps in the end. Its amazing when you are tired it also makes you feel depressed.  The Dr.'s put me on my new favorite magic pill called Wellbutrin. It has an energy lift in it as well. Yay!

So onto being real again. My biggest fear besides the usual --plane crashes, kids getting sick, falling off the empire state building, oh and Brain Cancer. I was hit with some minor new news. 

I had a brain MRI last week, and received results yesterday. They said I have speckles of stuff in my brain that they need to look further into. The Dr. said it could be the early stages of Brain Caner (fuck) or inflammation.  Since I am on new happy pills I am going to believe it is inflammation. 

I have always had a bit of chronic inflammation (food & drinks) so now I am really going to focus on it. It has been REALLY HARD not to east certain things.. remember how I told you all how much I love Bagels.. well .. I have not been very good. I have had some bagels, and maybe with a little cream cheese. anyway.. bagels, dairy, refined sugar, meat.. all cause inflammation. The two words... brain cancer... have been enough for me to finally get rid of bagels and pasta in my life. You would think the other two words would have done it (lung cancer)  

Many people that have lung cancer have brain cancer as it is the same veins-blood that  join the two.  

On a side note. Natalie my seven year old asked me to show her where lungs are on her american girl doll yesterday, as we played dolly together. Its amazing how much small children are aware of what is going on. I want many more dollie moments. #goingtolive

peace and love and wellbutrin