4:30am-  and I'm a little hung over . . . on Percocet. A first for me.  ; )  I took an extra half last night. I guess since I've lost a ton of weight that was not the brightest idea.  

I should have chosen either lunch or whole foods with my mother yesterday - not both. I over exerted myself. Wow . . . times have changed. 

My neck was in a lot of pain (lymph nodes) from the breathing thing. It's hard to breathe and the right side of my body - I thought it was the adrenal glands as they lit up pretty hot on the PET Scan, but I think I just pulled a muscle from all the coughing. 

Speaking of coughing. I was doing a lot of that yesterday at Whole Foods. My tumor (Mrs. lemon)  whom you all know very well now . . . tickles my bronchial path and that is why I cough. I call her a little bit of a gift because she is the thing that made me go to the Dr. If she had not been tickling me and was located in another spot the cancer would not have been detected so quickly and would have probably spread further . . . eek . . . sorry - side tracked . . . back to whole foods. My coughing is so annoying. I think mostly because people look at me. Or I am just paranoid. I wish they would say: "Aisle 1 - Aisle 1 - girl only has cancer, she is not contagious with the flu!"

2 more days until I get the  pills. It will be a Fedex delivery as you cannot buy chemo pills, at least I think, at CVS. Very special magic factory pills - they don't want cross contamination. I was hoping to wake up on Saturday and all the pain has gone away and my breathing normally had returned. But I will take Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. 

There are so many messages on FB and in my email that I have not even gotten to -  videos and photos. I am waiting until I feel better - holding them to the side . . . like dessert. A sugar free dessert (I have read that sugar makes cancer grow). For those that know me, I am not the type of person to have messages to read. I cross things off to do on a list every day and get back to every email etc. So it is hard to see that I have multiple messages that I don't have the energy to get back to . . . yet. but I will and I can't wait. 

Thank you for reading. Going to try to go back to sleep now. My sweet husband is only snoring a little bit tonight. He is tired.