In & Out

The magic pills came in the magic car on the magic street from the magic pharmacy at 5:30pm Friday - I took one immediately.

Never have I been so happy to see something be delivered - Christmas in my mouth. 

2 hours later. The wrath of sickness came over me.  Oh no . . .  

30 min later . . . a first: throwing up in front of my kids. Our son, Lucas saved the day - he ran and got me a trash can and our 6 year old, Natalie looked at me like I was a science project. She kept commenting on the colors of my sickness. It definitely lightened the situation up a bit.

I was so disappointed. These sure were magic pills. So freakin' magical they can go in and out of your system that quickly. 

Game plan for the next pill: food. I need to eat more (so hard) and take the prescribed stomach pills they told me to fill at the pharmacy. I should have listened. I, for some reason, was thinking I had a stomach of steel. Nope! 

#chemopills #mustkeepdown