Santa's Pill

Waiting for magic pills is like being 6 again waiting for Santa to come and you know he is bringing you - your first bike.  But you have the flu so it's kind of hard to be too excited. I know it is not the cure for my cancer but it definitely makes me hopeful that I will feel a bit more like myself soon and not feel the pain I am in. These pills will add years to my life and - the articles/Drs say - could possibly give me a chance to see my girls and my son get married and even have children! I tear up just thinking of holding their children in my arms. It is really the best news a person could get - 60-70% chance to live - yes, please! #lifechanging 

Every time I take a $157 pill I will be saying "Merry Christmas".  : ) 

And a HUGE thank you to everyone who has prayed for me or thought about me or sent good wishes and vibes. It is working. I heart you all.