Great News . . .

Great news . . . and by the way, Happy Valentines Day!  : )

I went into Yale today to see Dr. Herbst- for my first IV fusion of Immunotherapy and they told me I did not need it today. What!?? 

The Dr's came in to the room with peppy steps and happy looks as if they had just high-fived each other before walking in. So . . . the biopsy came back . . . I have tested positive for a gene mutation called ALK, which is so strange because I have been watching the old show ALF every night with the kids. So I think . . . def meant to be.

Anyway . . . this is a great thing!! The Dr's were thinking I was not positive for the ones that were treatable. It is still going to be a long road of meds, scans and check ups . . . but I now have a greater chance of living!  

So . . . to be super simple with my words, as most of the Dr talk is so over my head - I get to take a pill. Yes, a pill. 2 times a day. Basically . . . forever. It has a 60-70% chance of working. Sign me up!! I love pills! FYI . . . Immunotherapy is around 45%, and chemo is 35%. 

This drug has a really good chance of working. It's called Crizotinib and if my body becomes immune to it they will switch me to other pills and continue on and on. And even add in radiation if needed. I will now need to take pills, meditate, eat really healthy, sleep, rest and pray that this drug works on me. I will go into Yale in 2 weeks and then 6 weeks for a scan to see if the cancer is shrinking. 

For those that are curious, the side effects of the pills are tiredness, nausea, weird light vision stuff, no grapefruits (random) and a bunch others effects. But It means I live (60-70%) so for now so I will take all the side effects.  : ) 

Now I just need that first pill to come on Friday ASAP to make the cough and pain in my body and shortness of breath go away. Buh bye lemon!

Lift your Valentine cocktails up high tonight and toast to pills, Yale and kisses! Double cheers!!

•If you have a moment check out all the gorgeous photographs (Photos For Alix) that were taken by some amazing photographers all over the country and world. Thank you, thank you! This was by far the best day I have had in about 4 months.