Cheers to Research.

Tomorrow I start. Tomorrow the lemon starts to get smaller. Tomorrow I am scared.  Tomorrow I am hopeful. Tomorrow I believe. Tomorrow I will cry. Tomorrow I will have my fists up and ready to fight! (I am officially a crazy roller coaster of emotions loony bird).

Immunotherapy starts tomorrow. They are unsure if it will work since I have not tested positive for a certain genetic makeup. This is why they did biopsy of me again on Friday - St. Vincents might have gotten it wrong. But it could work. Could!  Ugh. But If it does not work they will quickly blast me with radiation on my lung and adrenal glands first (the ones that are on fire) and do chemo at the same time. 

I like backup plans and then back up plans for the back up plans. I like teams of research people that are passionate about cancer and then also working side by side with Drs in the same facility. 

I kind of like being a guinea pig. 1. Because hey . . . I might be the person they cure cancer on and 2. Me being in a Research Study Group might help people in the future in knowing whether or not those meds work. Toes and fingers crossed. 

Thank you to my Dr. - Dr Herbst and his amazing crew.. wow... I just can't say enough-  thank you thank you... Yale Rocks it..