Mc Dreamy

Yesterday I went in for Bronchoscopy/Endoscopy at my new home, Yale Smilow.  This is the floor where all the pretty doctors were hiding (yep, I went there). I noticed this fact as they wheeled me into the room for the procedure. I kept looking around . . . thinking . . . I felt like I was in Grey's Anatomy. For Real. And then the overly handsome nurse put the mask on my face to go to sleep, and I said: "Here we go . . . "

Unfortunately, I did not wake up as Mrs. Dreamy. I was coughing uncontrollably, more than usual and felt like I had been hit by a very large lemon. I went home, had a fever and tried to pull myself together for my girls. It was the father/daughter dance. The girls looked SO cute in their dresses and their half coifed hair. They looked like mini prom girls, which just made that fire in my heart stronger as I want to be here for their real prom night. I am here to fight!!