Happy Cancerversary to me!

Hello. Well its been one year. Yay me!  I always wondered who celebrates their 1st year of having cancer?  I do!  So..It has been a big growth year. Talk about life changing and how much growing I had to do, and have to do.. its a lot. You reach your 40's and it is so not over. I am just beginning and getting started with my life. It is not the end until I say it is. YOU HEAR ME BODY?! 

Just to give you an update. I am doing well. I still have an ongoing cough- the same I had when I was diagnosed, but this time it is a side effect of the meds. I am only on half of the medication because my liver is not handling the cancer pills very well.  I was just at the Dr. last week and was hoping for her to say I am NED (no evidence of disease)  but she laughed and said I have a long way to go. eek!   I guess when you are on a half dosage it will take much longer when you are diagnosed stage 4. I have  been keeping Green & Tonic in business and going everyday.  Love their juices and soups.  Hoping they will cure me too!  

The kids are doing pretty ok. They still miss Easton so much. I am hoping once the weather changes that will too.  I have been trying to work on being happy. I apparently am rubbing off on the kids and that makes me extra sad.  I hate to think they are sad because I am.  We are playing a lot of games and talking to each other more which is helping with their moods.  I need to take each day as a gift and be deep down  happy. I still have a long way to go. I keep waiting for doomsday.  Every scan  I have every few months, I am waiting for them to tell me the tumors are growing back. Because that is what they do with ALK. I need to just focus on the time I do have and make it fucking awesome and great, for me and the kids.  

I have started working? Can you all tell by the posts-? lol.  I think being back at work is really good for me. As I love it and I am going to step out of fashion for a while and focus on families locally- as better for me I think. It was a hard decision to make- as I really love kids fashion, but I need to think about my health. 

I am also going down to Amelia Island to teach at a conference in a few weeks, so I am planning on working on that. The classes are full so that is good news- excited to be teaching again. 

Ok.. so just wanted to update you all as I had not written since November. 

Love and light.