Even since I have been diagnosed, exactly 6 weeks ago tomorrow, people have been coming out of the woodwork. Ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, people I met at a club once, people I don't know, friends of friends, friends I was not close to and the list goes on. It has truly been an amazing experience being on the flip side of things. As they say - an eye opener. Thank you.

People have been sharing their stories of how we met and nice opinions of me. I have heard some confessions and a few eulogies. People have put me in touch with other cancer patients, shared their stories with me whether the ending is good or bad and people have sent me scientific information and ideas for treatment. Thank you.

Friends that I was not close with have really shown their true colors. Reaching out to me daily, weekly and monthly. Then there have been a few closer friends that have not reached out at all. Kind of weird, I thought. But at the same time cancer might freak the crap out of some people. And my local girlfriends who have now become my soul sisters. Thank you.

This process has been crazy to say the least.

And I am thankful for all the crazy. The ups and downs, and all the information I am taking in with how cancer effects us all in different ways. I look at people so differently now. 

I would like to take this moment here on my soapbox and say a HUGE thank you to my sister.  For those that don't know her, you should. She is truly amazing. My sister and her family moved back to the states (NYC) in August. They have been gone for 20 years- living in Asia, Australia and London. It was like my lung was waiting for her to move back so she could take care of me. lol. She found my doctors, took care of me, signed me up up on juice deliveries, organized me for all my Dr. needs and was here for me every hour of every day. I hope everyone has a Kelley - she is the reason I am still here today. Thank you. I love you. 

Peace, love and light to all. 

PS - I bought a ton of records yesterday at a record fair.  I purchased mostly music I listened to in high school. I can recommend putting on high school albums when the kids get on the bus and playing them VERY LOUD while you do the dishes and laundry and clean. It is surely going to make you happy. (Risky Business)