February 5th

First let me thank my sister for getting me into one of the best programs out there at Yale with Dr. Herbst. I feel lucky. Hope he feels lucky too.  : )  

Waiting . . . waiting . . . waiting . . . the hardest part . . . I think . . . of this entire process.

I had a PET scan on Friday and they are also growing my tissue samples from the lemon in my lung. This will tell them what kind of treatment will work best with my genetic makeup. 

FYI, there is a lot of Dr. words and scientific sentences I am sure I will mess up but I am a newbie and just trying to figure it all out. So please be patient with me.  : ) 

Tuesday is supposed to be the big day . . . the reveal . . . I will find out if there are any more cancer bits in my chest. They said my lymph nodes are swollen and possibly have cancer in them (we'll know from PET scan Tuesday) and also what type of cancer we are dealing with here.

I imagine I will go immediately into radiation to make the lemon smaller so I can breathe better and stop this annoying cough. I feel like people look at me like I have been a smoker since I was born. Yes . . . that bad. 

I will be in touch after Tuesday to let everyone know the next steps. Radiation will be 5 days a week for 6 weeks, and then one of the other treatments. I am hoping I match up with the one that I can take a magic pill and this nightmare will all just go away. Fingers and toes crossed for that one.