Spring Update 4-18-17

We had an amazing trip to Florida last week. Lots of fun and a much needed break. Then last week I had a CT Scan and received results today. 

Facts from CT scan:

Lungs: decrease in size of left mass

Lymph nodes: the cancer is showing a reduction in size and one section is actually gone - yay!

Bone tissue: the cancer is showing itself in a different form - (sclerotic lesions) that look like they are disappearing (I'm hoping) as there were a few new areas.

Pancreatic body and adrenal nodule are stable in size- which means the cancer has not grown but are the same size. Sometimes it can take longer since only on medicine for 2 months. 

All good news that things are becoming smaller. I will have to go in to the hospital in a few weeks for an EKG and heart scan as they have found fluid around my heart. They think the fluid is from the meds I am on and to be safe they are checking it out. 

Thank you for reading and caring, thoughts and prayers. I have a long road ahead of me with my health, but I am doing great! I will also be starting back to work soon in May. Yay! 

(a few photos from our trip)