Ode to Paul

A turning point in ones marriage. It changed us forever. 

This moment.

Calling your husband on the hospital phone at 7pm on a Monday, crying and practically screaming through the phone, I don't have Tuberculosis...........they said I have Cancer. 

Paul said to me, "Don't worry honey. I will be right there. We will figure this out. One day at a time . . . just breathe, breathe . . . everything will be ok . . . we will figure this out, you will get through this, you are strong."  He continues to say those words to me everyday. 

We have always been a strong couple, but this solidified it.

I can't tell you how amazing he has been during this process. The words and the love just overflow out of his heart. Not once has he every complained about taking care of the kids, and me - so I can rest and then put 3 wild peanuts on the bus to school followed by sitting on a train for 2 hours to get to work in the morning - is amazing . . . not once have I heard a complaint. 

In 3 months. It will be our 10 year wedding anniversary. 

In 2 months. It will be 11 years that we have been in love. 

For those that don't know Paul, he is the guy that looks amazing in any clothing that he puts on. I think he was a fit model in a past life. He is a man of fashion and style, prefers all things in black. He is a quiet fellow but once you start to speak to him you know why he is that way. He's a thinker. 

When I first laid eyes on him he was dressed in a mod suit with a skinny tie and shoes that I approved of. I am a shoe snob. Anyway, he was the creative director of Marie Claire and I was a retoucher for the magazine. I fell in love with him first. All it took was Paul giving me instruction on how he wanted the color and images to look in an editorial spread - and I was done. Now I just needed to lure him into Alix's web. It took a while - but it was the night of Cinco de Mayo (fitting as I am  a Martinez now) . . . an award ceremony called SPD - and we were inseparable. 

Then the mixed cd's started happening, his were far better then mine and I was a music snob. Lunches started, then me sneaking to his floor in the Hearst tower to bring him a cookie and coffee at 4pm - cause why not - and then bam . . . we were officially in love.  The rest is History. 

Thank you Paul for continuing to slow this fast grasshopper down and calming me and also showing me that true love is in fact a thing. I love you, honey.