ALK- ( Anaplastic lymphoma kinase ) a genetic mutation/rearrangement in the body.

ALK fusion proteins are always active and growing.

ALK is a rare form of Lung Cancer and effects 4%-7% (11,000 cases a year). 

Lung cancer is by far the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. 

I take 8 pills a day, to improve my life expectancy. For many patients, these drugs produce temporary remission at best- sooner or later, cancers inevitably develop drug resistance and return deadlier than ever.  (eek- scared) 

As I am excited my cancer has gone from stage IV to stage 1, and it is getting smaller every week- I feel like I am just waiting for results from the Oncologist to tell me I have new growth in my body and that I am immune to the pills.  There are 3-4 drugs I can take and I am drug 2 now.    I do really try to stay positive, eat healthy and do everything the Oncologist say, but I  just don't know how many years I have left. (how is that for positive?)

Paul calls me party cloudy. It is hard to be sunny all the time when you know you will never truly be in remission and that your cancer cannot be cured. Its a waiting game. 

This is why we need donations and funding for research --to come out with more drugs or a cure for these genetic mutations.  And of course to keep me alive until I see my grandchildren.  (bonus)